Simple Medical Computer Cart / All in One (HSC03-a)

Rs. 52,000.00
Rs. 52,000.00

Innovative Ergonomic Medical Computer carts.Sit Stand Mobile workstation. 

LCD Medical cart and trolley or hospital computer cart or mobile workstation, this all in one cart is ready to serve you as per your day to day need in Hospital or your workstation. The Lockable caster insure the hassle free movement from one room to another and lock system reduce the risk of accidental movement.This mobile workstation or computer cart is all in one solution.

Accommodate users in sitting and standing positions. Complete ergonomic solution—get comfort during prolonged computing Easily stored and ready to roll—unassigned work pods for those who work frequently “in-office”

  • Concise and compact All-in One Computer : for 22”
  • Keyboard /mouse tray height : 776mm
  • Keyboard tray dimensions : 440mm (L) X 256mm (W)
  • Mouse tray dimensions : 208mm(L) X200mm (W)
  • Back storage bin with handle, handle height : 790.6mm
  • Printer tray dimensions : 310mm(L) X 199mm(W) , height 297.6mm
  • Cart dimensions: 648.3mm(L) X 489.5mm(W) X 1260.5mm(H)
  • Storage Basket : Available
  • Caster : High grade front -locking silent medical caster


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