Quad Monitor Desk Stand Mount Full Motion Articulating Arm 4 LCD Computer Displays, Fits 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27 Inch, Fits Vesa 75 100, Swivel, Rotate, Tilt, Black Hongkong, (EF004)

Rs. 8,500.00
  • FUNCTIONS . Built to endure long term and frequent usage, along with being capable for multiple settings and environments. This 4 screen mount can rotate, tilt, pivot, and swivel for a maximum range of potential ergonomic viewing options. The adaptability of this mount makes it an asset for anyone looking for a sturdy, elegant, stand. Ideal for homes, offices, business, retail, schools, dorms, production lines, monitoring equipment, events, manufacturing plants, etc.
  • FULL MOTION: An articulating arm is capable of multiple points of movement for a variety of potential convenient and comfortable viewing options. The ergonomic benefits of this mount provide healthier settings to prevent neck, back, and even eye strains. Rotate the monitors 360 degrees for portrait or landscape mode. Each arm is also capable of 360 degree rotations for large or small adjustments
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE :Height Adjust-ability, Curve, and Tilt. Each arm is capable of adjusting its height along the pole. The variance of how low or high it can go is up to the length of the pole and the size of your monitor. The tilt function covers 45 degrees up or down for each VESA bracket, which means each screen is entirely customizable. The curved arm design will direct each monitor to you much like
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT : The cable management system that runs along the sides and back of each arm provide clips to hold, bundle, and organize your cords. The organization of your cords provide a clean and modern appearance
  • STURDY High Quality Material. Made from a heavy duty steel and aluminum alloy for maximum optimal durability and endurance. This mount has a heavy steel V-base for a sturdy and stable bottom to ensure your screens are supported. The load capacity is 18lbs per monitor and this mount can support a total of four monitors each with twenty four inch screens

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