Premium Sit Stand Desk Converter

Rs. 12,500.00

Developed as a cost-effective for Hongkong market where getting custom made products is quite expensive , sensible alternative to other stand-alone standing desks.

 Compared to other mounted standing desks, our product is:

1) Lightweight ( 24 - 25lb )
2) Compact and very sleek looks so that look good in office and matches with office furniture 
3) Easily Highly adjustable ( Height of 10 levels from 3.5 in. to 15.7 in. )
4) Stable ( two handles to grip when adjusting the height of the desk. ) very efficient lock mechanism to bear enough weight of upto 16 kg

5) Versatile (  easily move around an existing desk) , screws of clamping needed 

6) Space-efficient ( non-rotating, vertical adjusting scaffold eliminates the necessity of the space required

by the turning radius and the need for the desk to be tilted when adjusting, providing greater stability and ease of use )

7) 3 Size  options

8) 2 colour options

9) Diverse usage ( business, studies, and at home )


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