Modular TV & Monitor Display stands 2

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Modular TV & Monitor Display stands, multi storage, countless configurations of shelf

A Modular TV & Monitor display stand system means a solution where user can install a 55" tv and monitors accordingly on single stand with install friendly, easily interchangeable shelf  and accessories.

With this solution user can design his own Video display stand with a combination of Large TV and small monitors over one stand. This floor stands are most suitable, what user need, with or without wheel or floor mounted. The office environment is demanding and constantly changing. So these, durable carts are designed to meet the demands you have today and make change easy as your needs change. User can choose what accessories they need like shelf for laptops or cpu or camera, Lockable  enclosure for laptop or Video Conference devices or Media cabinets, handles or power sockets. The aluminium pillars have a slotted system to put your accessories any side, (left, right, front or back). These are highly suitable for office, schools, video conference, hospitals, advertising etc

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