Manual Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk, Fixed Width Sit Stand Home Office Workstation with Rustic wooden 120 by 60cm Table Top (CT-AL)

Rs. 22,600.00 Rs. 18,500.00

The standing desks is manually adjustable and enable their user to work both seated and standing. These desks all have a hand crank with which their height can be adjusted. Studies have shown that switching between sitting and standing significantly reduces the risk of RSI.

  • Ergonomic Solution - This innovative adjustable height standing desk gives better posture, reduce back and neck pain, and increase productivity.
  • Easy Hand Crank System - This sit stand desk is designed with a hand crank that allow you to easily adjust the height from 720 to 1220mm and stop at any as per your comfort.
  • Heavy-Duty Frame - Aluminum frame has sturdy leg support which provides you more stability and capable of carrying 80kg.
  • Rustic Table Top - The Desk Come with 120 by 60cm Rustic wooden Finish Table Top. Check the Image below.


  • Tabletop Size: 1200 by 600mm
  • Lifting Height: 720-1220mm
  • Max. Load: 80kg



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