Laptop Cart (MC-L)

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- Height adjustment range for worksurface: 400mm, Lifting load≦15kg
Worksurface height 890mm-1290mm
- Large, smooth ABS worksurface dimensions:533mm(L) x 455mm (W)
- Laptop cabinet dimensions: 430mm(L) x 346mm(W) x 56.5mm(H)
With external 2-Outlet power strip and main power cable at the cart base.
- Applied for laptop(?ü15?±)
- Internal dimensions for drawer: 379mm(L) x 298.5mm(W) x 84mm(H)
- Keyboard tray dimensions: 440mm(L) x 256mm(W)
- Mouse tray dimension: 208mm(L) x 200mm(W)
- Base: PA6 + ABS cover
- Silent medical casters

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