Single Leg Height Adjustable Electric Desk with 80 by 66 cm Top, (DSM)

Rs. 22,000.00
The single-leg design is ideal for smaller and medium worktops. It is compact and stylish but packs a punch with a 60kg lift capacity. Perfect for the home or for the office where space may be limited. The Electric Sit-Stand Desk will be a great choice for those looking for premium quality in a sit to stand desk.
  • SIT-STAND DESK: This workstation helps you eliminate sedentary work habits, relieve pressure on your back and reduce strain on the neck, back and shoulders. Use it while sitting or as a standing desk in the office.
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: The electric mechanism helps with raising the workstation platform effortlessly from 600mm to 1250mm from the ground.
  • SPACE-SAVING: The height adjustable desk offers a single telescopic column configuration that helps it maintain a small footprint while still offering ample room to work.
  • CONTROLLER WITH MEMORY MODES: 4 memory modes, Preset your Sit/Stand position and move there at the click of a button. Timer settings, allows you to set your standing time goals. Up down movement control.
  • Height: min 600 to max 1250 mm
  • Stroke: 650mm
  • Speed: 32 mm/s
  • Width: 740mm
  • Load capacity: 600N
  • Noise: <50 dB(A)
  • Surface color: Black


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