Heavy Duty High height Foot Rest , 15.3 cm to 27.8 cm height range Footstool, (FR03)

Rs. 2,750.00
  • MORE HEIGHT SETTINGS: This footrest will adjust to your body needs. 6 height options it can lock between minimum and maximum height adjustment aange of 153-278mm
  • UNIQUE SIT STANDING FEATURE - Either stand with one foot on this stool, or sit with both feet resting on the foot stool!
  • STRONG AND STURDY: The Ergonomic Footrest is made of all steel with a unbelievable weight capacity of 20 kg. Even if you use it daily, even you rest your feet on it all the time, nothing will ever happen to it. It is very sturdy and it can support your leg weight without any problems. As for its dimensions, they are 18.1" x 13.3" and its surface is nonslip, so any type of shoe will be stable on it. You won't find a sturdy Foot Rest in the market
  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN - This metal foot rest features a padded surface to prevent your foot from slipping. The legs also have rubber pieces underneath them to keep the stool in place while you use it.

Standing Desk Footrest:

Footrest allows users to work at their stand up workstations for longer periods of time by offering the ability to support 1 leg . This sit stand Adjustable Footrest relieves pressure points in workers who stand most of the day.Rugged  enough to bear weight of 20 kg.

Extra Height:

This Adjustable heavy duty Steel Footrest has allows you to use more comfortably for long periods of time and has unique extra height adjustments than any other common footrests . It is ideal for use when your chair sits too high for you to comfortably rest your feet on the ground.


  • Material: Rugged Steel
  • Dimensions: 18.1" x 13.3"
  • Max load capacity: 20 kg
  • Height adjustment range: 15.3 cm to 27.8


Ergonomically designed footrest offers a variety of height adjustments for most comfortable leg and feet posture .It also helps you maintain good posture, which will relieve muscle tension and stress


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