Dossler All in One PC Cart (MC-DA1)

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- Battery and UPS system inside the base;White LEDs provide light over keyboard tray; used for ¡Ü22 inch All-in-One PC
Proposal load ≦10kg
- 20 tiers inside dossier,tier height 20mm,width 240mm
- Height from countertop to floor: 1048.5mm, Proposal Table load ≦15kg
- Large, smooth ABS worksurface dimensions:533mm(L) x 455mm (W)
- Ergonomic back-tilt keyboard tray with left or right mouse tray, height: 828.4mm
- Keyboard tray dimensions: 440mm(L) x 256mm(W)
- Mouse tray dimension: 208mm(L) x 200mm(W)
- Back storage Bin with handle,handle height: 830mm
- Cart dimensions: 659.1mm(L) x 640.9mm(W) x 1436.6mm (H)
- Front-locking silent casters

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