Posted by Rishi Arora

We all know the importance of maintaining a good posture to prevent workplace stress, strain an injury. And you may think that you are sitting correctly and maintaining a good posture for the most part in your work day, however it could be that you are making certain posture mistakes without realizing.

Make sure that you are not making these common posture mistakes –
  1. Slouching is the most common posture mistake, which should be avoided since it puts the vertebrae under more pressure, also one must avoid sitting in a way that puts the body weight more on one than on the other side.
  2. Sitting with the computer monitor to one side is also to be avoided. Even if you don’t spend all your work day on the computer, when you do work on the computer, the monitor should be to the front and not away to the side. This can cause you to twist the neck and torso at unnatural angles. Solve the problem by rearranging the desk or by using a long arm monitor stands.
  3. Speaking on the phone with the phone receiver jammed between the neck and ear is really bad practice. Try speaker phone as small percentage of your calls.
  4.  Craning the neck forward is also a no-no. avoid flexing the neck or extending the neck by keeping the monitor at the appropriate height and at proper eye level. Use adjustable monitor stands.
  5. Avoid excessive reaching. The keyboard and the mouse should all be within reach; so prevent excessive reaching since this puts pressure on the arm muscles. Make sure that the mouse is close enough to prevent excessive reaching. Use adjustable keyboard trays and Drawers.
  6. Improper position of the arms not using full arm motions while using the mouse and keyboard leads to compression within the arm, causing problems.
  7. Gripping the mouse too tightly is also wrong-use a relaxed grip instead.
  8. Avoid having the arms tilt up or down when using the keyboard and mouse – they should be parallel to the ground, with wrists straight.
  9. The feet should not be dangling when one is seated; they should rest flat on the ground and if the chair is too high for this, make sure that a foot rest is used.
  10. Static postures are also a big no-no, it is important to take frequent short breaks.