Adjustable LCD TV Ceiling Mount (R8700B)

Rs. 8,500.00
Rs. 8,500.00

Adjustable LCD Ceiling Mount, Display solution for Flat panel,Tv Ceiling mounts

Set up adjustable LCD Ceiling mount or display solution for flat panel is a need when you dont have much space on floor, or if you have to share information within a large place where ceiling mount is a best choice. Tv Ceiling mounts are very useful in Offices, Businesses, professionals , traders, and home office users spread the information with efficiency and convenience. It provide an adjustable tube.

  • Max length from the ceiling is 104cm.
  • Holds LCD TV or Plasma TV up to 50kgs for most LCD TV from 27'' to 72''.
  • Firmly fix on the ceiling.
  • TV can be swiveled left or right for 45 degrees, and be tilted downward 15 degrees.
  • Cables can go through the tube

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