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we are specialist supplier of hospital trolleys, and materials handling equipment. our Hospital trolleys are designed to meet day to day need of medical industries. Hospital trolleys are available in a wide range of options to suit multiple applications and include multi-purpose trolleys, dressing trolleys, laundry trolleys, service trolleys, and storage shelving trolleys.

our Multi-purpose trolleys can be used in various hospital settings and designed in two-shelf, three-shelf as well as four-shelf models with optional locking features. These trolleys are available in various sizes and designed with rising base. All trolleys are available in a range of sizes.

we are the one leading manufacturers and exporters of mounts, stands, carts, racks and other IT component support systems. Our range of floor mounting computer stands allowed LCD monitor, CPU and keyboard / mouse on a single pole mounting solution and also wide degree of control. We offer our clients unique and affordable superior quality computer mounting solutions for healthcare environments which make it easy to display and store in a safe way. Our stands come in a wider variety of sizes to meet your acctual need. we are renowned for providing cost efficient, ergonomically designed space saving solutions to the medical industry.
our engineer also provide custom solutions to meet the specific design and usability parameters of original need.
Medical Document distributation trolley
These carts are able to transport important medical document and materials safely... Details
Patient Trolley
Multiple usablity as patient breakfast table, medician table, Laptop table with moviable casters for easy control..... Details
Mobile Document Table
Mobile Document table with extra space that can be useful in storage....Details
Mobile Carts
Mobile workstation carts for handle your day to day Presentation solutionwith locable casters.... Details
Pharmacy Storage cabinets
Pharmacy Storage Cabinets have trays on telescopic runners set at an angle to enable easy access to product......Details
Dressing Trolleys
our Dressing trolleys are available in various options with variable design features such as drawers, shelves and frames.... Details