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Economic, Foldable, Laptop Stand
Item Code: S - 01
Adjustable Laptop Stand
Item Code: LS 100
Laptop Stand ABS
Item Code: IDK
Laptop Stand
Item Code: LS 100WR
NoteBook Arm
Item Code: NA - D
Laptop Stand Ultra
Item Code: ULS
Adjustable Laptop Stand, folding, portable
Item Code: LSCH
Portable Laptop Stand
Item Code: P - A
Laptop Stand
Item Code: LSZ - A

Bed Laptop Stand
Item Code: B - A
Bed Laptop Stand
Item Code: B - A1
Bed Laptop Stand
Item Code: B - A2

Bed Laptop Stand
Item Code: B - A

Why Laptop Stands? - Better working posture/comfortable viewing angle - Less strain on back, neck, eyes & arms - Better health & productivity. - More productivity of employees & results in more profits for companies The design and construction of laptops violates a basic ergonomic requirement for computer usage, namely that the keyboard and screen can be positioned independently for appropriate viewing and typing. With a fixed design, if the keyboard is in an optimal position for the user, the screen isn't and if the screen is optimal the keyboard isn't going to place properly. Even contemporary laptop designs fail to satisfy this basic ergonomic positioning requirement, which means that user must pay special attention to how they use their laptop in order to avoid muscular-skeletal disorder, headaches, fatigue, and similar complaints that result from non ergonomic computer use.