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Bed Laptop Stand (with Fan)

Multi Functional bed laptop table, notebook cooling stand for a laptop with a cap that rises to an angle of 45 °

German design and ultra-durable construction makes this portable laptop stand is very simple   and easy to use, the steel frame and special materials are designed for loads up to 80 kg. The advantage of the stand in the ease of assembly and disassembly, as well as save space when folded.

- Size of stand: 520mm x 310mm.

- Height: 235mm.

- Fan: 9010 Framed.

- Rotate Speed: 2200 RPM.

- Voltage: 5V.

- Current: 250MA.

- Angle Adjustment: 0~30°.

- Material of Stand: MDF.

- Material of Platform: PA, ABS, Aluminium,.

- Stand Edge: PU.

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