Posted by Sawal Jha

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin .. Did u ever consider buying a laptop stand to address your back-pain and neck-pain issues? Did u go our and buy the cheapest one available in the market or online? So isn't it impress you? they often fall short because of poor design and low-quality materials .Think again? Maybe you realise and maybe you don’t!!But it never worked.because unless it in corporate the adjustablity is and concept of ergonomic, any laptop stand which raise your screen would not do any good. Laptop and tablet computers are a part of many people's lives today. While they improve work efficiency and increase recreational possibilities, laptops are creating havoc for our upper bodies. Laptops were originally designed for portability and short-duration use. Now, however, laptops are not being used as they were designed due to improved speed and storage capabilities. They are being used in place of desktops on surfaces not designed for typing. The situations in which laptops are used have extended to writing dissertations, taking notes at meetings, creating and presenting reports, browsing the web, and even watching sports and movies. Laptops can be used anywhere. Therefore, more people are spending more time at a computer. Some may increase the laptop screens height but not good enough to your liking, some destroy the wrist angles and so on and so forth.If you are suffering from neck and back pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other physical ailments caused by being on your laptop for several hours a day, the solution is in the form of high quality , having loads of adjustments suitable for you , the one which can adjust to your body definition of comfort. Its should not have present levels of tilt of height and tilt. Because that’s for your body to decide not the stand. An ergonomic laptop stand lets you work on your laptop comfortably wherever you are, and you can even use it in bed, the couch, or on a table. It has numerous levels of adjustments for your liking. They let you sit in a comfortably without straining your body , move freely and allow you to be productive whether you are working from your lap or on a desk.