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Who needs a 3M Privacy Screen? Anyone who respects their need for privacy & to confidently keep working regardless of whether they're in an open environment or inside the office. Indispensable for Financial Consultants, lawyers, CFOs, CEOs, HR Managers, CIOs, software professionals, BPO personnel & every business traveller More than just Privacy Improves contrast and blocks ambient light. Desktop modelsalso reduce glare by 95% and radiation by 99%. Reduces static charge & dust. It attaches & detaches easily,stays in place even when yourlaptop is closed, and providesphysical protection to your screen. 3M privacy screens protects against common glare. Glare is a common cause of computer user eyestrain with an A.O.A. (American Optometric Association) survey noting that as many as 75% of Video Display Terminal Users (VDT) report VDT-related eyestrain Why invest in an LCD or laptop privacy screen? Data theft has cost numerous individuals financial, emotional and legal problems, so prohibiting people access to addresses, names, phone numbers, account numbers and other personal specifics makes sense. Failure to protect corporate data has cost companies billions of Rs and dollars a year, such as when contracts are lost as a result of data viewed prior to negotiations, and other such occurrences data outsourcing business in India.
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Item Name : 3M Privacy Screen for laptop (12.1 inch normal or
Item Code : 001
Description : PF12.1 fits standard notebook computers with a 12.1" viewable screen - Actual filter dimensions are...
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Item Name : 3M Notebook Privacy Computer Filter 14.1W
Item Code : Ps003
Description : Provides privacy protection for business travelers allowing them to work on airplanes and in airport...
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