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Ergonomic Workstation Tips:
Work Area: This is the very common and the basic thing that how you can be comfortable in your work area so when setting up a work station, make sure that the space is as enough for you to spread out comfortably and allows for a full range of activities, which can be give you more comfortable movement as you desire when you want a short movement.
Laptops or Desktop:  if you are a laptop user or desktop user, it's best to use it while it's on a table rather than on your bed or lap. If you use it frequently, you might be better served by using a separate keyboard and mouse so you have to use that and stop using the built-in keyboard and touch pad to reduce strain on your wrists and hands. This is the best way for your wrist and your fingers.  
Keyboard or Touchpad: If you’re working with a lot of typing job, where you place your keyboard and how you use it can greatly affect your risk for getting RSIs (repetitive stress injuries) like carpal tunnel syndrome. Your keyboard should be placed well and very ergonomic position so that your arms are parallel to your thighs. If your desk doesn't allow for this, try getting a ergonomic keyboard trays. You'll also want to do your best to use good typing techniques, keeping your wrists elevated and not hitting the keys too hard.
Mouse: When you are using your mouse you have to ensure that you can easily reach your mouse and try not to grip it too tightly, as doing so can strain the muscles in your hand. If you find that using a mouse bothers you too much, try using different type of ergonomic mouse with mouse pad. You have also search some kind of good gel mouse pad are available in market. That can really help well.
Chair: A good Ergonomic chair can do wonders you can easily reach your keyboard and mouse in very ergonomic way. And make sure to keep your lower back supported, and adjust your chair  so that your feet don't quite reach the floor, get a ergonomic footrest to help keep your feet from dangling and for workstation.
Laptop Screen or Monitor: Improper height and improperly configured monitors can cause a great deal of eyestrain and neck-ace, resulting in headaches and difficulty concentrating. Always centered your monitor in front of you at a comfortable distance, height and adjust the brightness settings so that it’s easy on your eyes. Make sure to take a short break. Glare can be a problem as well, so if you can't seem to eliminate it, use a glass glare filter then you have to use a Privacy filter that can reduce glare, anti radiation and also protect your Screen too.
Lighting in surrounding area: if your workstation lighting is poor it can often create a great deal of eyestrain by making your computer monitor or laptop screen difficult to see. Adjust your shades or lights as much as possible that can reduce glare, and position your monitor at such an angle to light sources that reflection is reduced.

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