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The evidence is mounting as multiple studies reveal that sitting too long contributes to major health risks, some life-threatening. In fact, research shows that prolonged sitting at conventional desks can cut as much as 2 years off an average lifespan. On the contrary standing improves overall health, helps you lose weight by burning more calories (while standing), reduces cancer risks by 30%, heart disease by 46%, decreases back and neck strain, reduces carpel tunnel syndrome and boosts overall mental clarity. While specific tasks may benefit from a particular sitting or standing position, overall physical health and mental acuity is substantially increased while a person stands.  Standing facilitates optimal blood flow, particularly in combination with occasional movement that naturally occurs when we stand.  The improved circulation carries oxygen-rich blood which, in turn, stimulates cellular activity.  And while this cellular activity boosts the functioning of major organs, it is the mind that achieves particular benefit, with an outcome of improved performance in the workplace. Research found some significant benefits in standing while working for a portion of each day.  It has been found that standing alleviates stress and strain on the back, engages enzymes that burn fat and significantly increases circulation.

Adjustable Height of computer desk - your health alternative.

Adjustable computer desk to create the best of both worlds. Adjustable work tables which allow individuals to raise or lower their desk and alternate positions throughout the day. Adjustable computer desks allow users to sit for periods of time and undertake tasks that may be more conducive to sitting and then adjust in height to enable user to stand and work for some specific task or, or to simply give their body a break. 

Adjustable Computer Tables have gained much notoriety as research has demonstrated the dangers of prolonged sitting. While sitting at a conventional desk doesn’t pose the same risks as working in an industrial environment may, sedentary work patterns have been documented to play a substantial impact on such physical ailments as undue weight gain, back problems, poor vision and cardiovascular disease, among many others.

Along with the negative impacts that have been discovered by lengthy sitting are some promising solutions however. Research has demonstrated that moving from a sit-stand position throughout the day reduces health dangers by activating and engaging some crucial body functions. No longer is the contemporary office professional mandated to sit in a stationary position that the original desk model computers necessitated. Instead, by using adjustable computer tables, one can significantly improve their health just by mixing it up and moving around.

Benefits of standing to counter Obesity

Obesity has been on the rise in the western world as the workforce increasingly has become more sedentary by using conventional sit-only desks. With the advent of recent studies, it has been shown that 40% more calories are burned while standing. With the average American sitting in excess of 14 hours per day, with 60% of us essentially inactive, we only put out 2.5 hours of physical exertion in a week! No wonder we’re obese. What’s more, it’s not surprising that, with the much touted increased calorie burn while using a standing desk, many have switched to them. And calories consumed are not even the only health benefit; there are others

Increased creativity while standing or pacing

All that oxygen generated from standing at an adjustable computer desk promotes greater problem-solving skills and stimulates the creative process.  Some individuals gain greatly from pacing near or around their workstation.  It is obvious that while the staff person benefits, so, too, does the company for which he/she works.  The pay-off for businesses is a healthier and more productive workforce which can’t be emphasized enough.


Standing AND Sitting Is the Best Approach

So while there are associated benefits as well as associated risks to standing or sitting for protracted periods of time, which is best? Quite simply, doing both is the most rational approach to maintaining a healthy and balanced body. Choosing a height adjustable workstation, one that facilitates a standing desk position that can also be easily converted to a sitting position, is ideal. Some practitioners suggest continuous sitting and standing, each, to not exceed 4 hours in a day. In this way, workers can have the best advantages of both posture work styles while also minimizing any risks involved with doing either for too long throughout their day. Much has been made in recent years about the beneficial health aspects of ergonomic design in the workplace. More recently

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